Motoring Club Displays at Swap Meet: 

The Swap Meet committee will endeavour to accommodate as many 'one-make' and special interest vehicle clubs as possible at Swap Meet each year. As the Vintage Car Club continues to develop and improve its grounds and facilities at McLeans Island, more and more areas are opened up to accommodate them at the event.

As well as presenting a great opportunity for these clubs to promote themselves at the event, there is the added bonus that their members are able to get close to and enjoy the swap meet sites and attractions within the McLeans Island grounds.

Invitations are typically sent out to all known motoring clubs in June of each year – now sent out both in hard-copy and by email. A reply form is included with the invitation, and clubs generally have until the end of July to indicate attendance and 'book' a site.


A 'site' is generally around 15m long and 5m deep – big enough to accommodate 6 cars, although many sites can accommodate a few more. Because the event has been running for so long, clubs which regularly attend are usually allocated the same space and position within the grounds each year, however there are some changes as clubs sometimes request a different area for special displays or simply for a change of scenery. There is, however, plenty of scope for additional sites to be provided around the main display area within the grounds.


It is important to remember that many clubs regularly change committee members and addresses, so sometimes letters and emails are not received or passed on to the correct people within a club. Although a follow-up process is in place for all clubs that have attended the event before, this is not fail-safe, and if no contact has been received from the Swap Meet committee by the end of July, clubs should contact the Swap Meet Display convenor.


The display days are only Saturday and Sunday of Swap Meet weekend. If clubs wish to take vehicles or display material out to the Swap Meet grounds before the Saturday, the grounds will be open between 9.30am and 4.30pm on the Thursday leading up to the event, or from 4pm to 6.00pm on the Friday for this purpose.

Passes are distributed to one nominated club representative in advance of Swap Meet weekend. It is theirresponsibility to ensure they are passed on to members displaying cars on club sites. No pass on Swap Meet weekend will mean no entry unless the normal admission charge is paid.

The passes are only valid on the Saturday and Sunday of Swap Meet weekend.

Each pass will admit one person in one car into Swap Meet grounds through the main display gate on McLeans Island Road. Any extra persons or club cars will be required to pay the normal admission charge. Members arriving at the gate in a club car without a pass can be expected to be challenged, so it is a good idea if they arrive with another club car that has been issued with a pass. 


Passes cannot be presented at any other gate during the weekend – if they are, the holder will be required to pay the normal admission charge.

Clubs are provided with 12 passes for issue to members – six for Saturday and six for Sunday. 

Each club is issued with a map of Swap Meet, and should pass on a copy to every person issued with a pass. Instructions are also provided with the map so that everyone is aware of what is required of them during the weekend.

Clubs are expected to display 6 vehicles each day. If they cannot manage this, they will be required to advise the Display Convenor, and/or return the passes not required. Failure to do so may mean that particular club will be given a smaller display area the following year.

Vehicles must remain on display until at least 4.00 pm on Saturday, and 3.00 pm on Sunday.

All sites will be marked out one week before swap meet. If individual clubs or members are unsure where their display area is placed, they can go out to the grounds and have a look on the Thursday before Swap Meet. 

Every club displaying at the event must remember that they are also promoting their club through this event, and that members of the public may be looking for some information or a person to talk to. It is therefore recommended that someone is on hand at all times during the display to provide information and assistance to anyone interested in that particular club.

Provided there is enough room, members of motoring clubs are permitted to camp on their display area or adjacent to it, however all campers must be registered with Headquarters and pay a nominal fee per night to cover the cost of facility maintenance and security. Clubs can also provide food for their members from their own site, provided it is free of charge and supplied only to their members.

One Make Displays Layout:

Motoring Club Displays