How is it run?

Just follow the signage and traffic wardens on McLeans Island Road directing you where to park. It's best to try and arrive early to get the best carpark possible. There are several carparks in the following locations: 

Steam Scene

Kustom Car Club

Kennel Club

Vintage Machinery Club.  

Get a site

If you want a site to sell your wares, please contact Kevin Clarkson on (03) 385 9821

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At this stage there are a few vacant sites left.  Most sites are booked from year to year, and there are a limited number of sites overall. There is an application form to fill out. The fees  whether you are commercial, want more than one site, want to stay overnight on your site etc.  


IMG 3372IMG 3443IMG 3444


Site specifcations

The gates are locked at 6pm each night and there is Security from until 7am the next day. The gates are watched from 7am onwards. Each site is roughly 5m x 7m, but there are slight differences between them all, depending on their location within the grounds. Sites are numbered with a concrete block set in the ground, which is located at the front left corner of the site when viewed from the alleyway.

Items such as food, lollies, drinks and children's entertainment are tendered items. A public notice is issued early in July calling for the supply of food and services. Jens Christensen is in charge of Tenders and can be contacted on 0274 334 179. Contact him today for details on what is available for tender and how to apply.