What a Swap Meet is:

The Swap Meet first started out as a venue for swapping car parts.  Currently the best description is "the largest garage sale in NZ".  People still swap or give away car parts, but most of the 650+ sites have items for sale.  Household items, garden plants, clothing, books, nic nacs, you name it and it is probably there somewhere. It is open to the Public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 2pm when it finishes.

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With such a large number of sites you need to put aside at least half a day to visit.  Purchasing a Swap Meet handbook which lists what is for sale and what is wanted and the site number means you can target the sites that cater for your requirements.

The Canterbury Swap Meet is for families:  

Entertainment for the kids.

Plenty of food and drink.

All school children are FREE

$5 per adult on Saturday and Sunday for entry. 

Car parking is FREE. 

Cheap for families.

This is the largest event of its type in NZ.

What to See:

Apart from what is on 650+ individual sites there are commercial stalls, commercial displays of vehicles and equipment, food stalls, Devonshire teas, coffee stalls, lolly stalls, 43 one make car clubs with 6 of their vehicles, over 200 vintage car club vehicles, cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, some  of which are 100 years old.  This will take a long time to see it all.  A day may not be enough.  The common advice given is "if you see something you like – buy it then"  as you probably wont be able to find that site again later.

If you think your garage is cluttered then visit the VCC Spares sheds and see what the club has to offer its members.



Car parking is FREE and is on adjoining club properties.  They can cater for over 10,000 cars quite easily.  There is plenty of clear signage and traffic wardens to direct you to a parking space.  As the day goes on, infill parking is used taking the space from someone who has left.  There are passouts stamped on your hand if you need to take items back to your car and come back into the Swap Meet.   They are a different colour and stamp each day and year and are only valid for the day of stamping.

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If you are a visitor then on Friday it costs $10 unless you have a Vintage Car Club membership card in which case it is $5 entry.  Saturday and Sunday it is only  $5 per adult to get in.  All parking is FREE and all school children are also free.

Just follow the signage and traffic wardens on McLeans Island Road directing you where to park – Steam Scene, Kustom Car Club, Kennel Club, Vintage Machinery Club.  Park your car and either walk to the gate or use the shuttle if you are in a distant car park, pay your money at the gate and you are in.

Site Layout:

Swapmeet Layout

How to Find Us:

One Make Displays:

Motoring Club Displays

Program of Events:

Swap Meet Headquarters:

Headquarters is situated at the end of the club rooms.  This is where notices are put out over the loud speakers, where you can buy a Press, Buy, Sell, Exchange, milk, and will answer your questions if they know the answers.

You can also purchase the Swap Meet handbook there.  It lists what site holders have listed for sale and what they want.  It is your quick guide as to what is on each site for fast reference.  It also has a map of the grounds and where you can find each numbered site. EFTPOS is also available.

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See you at The Swap Meet!